Children And Hypothryoidism

Mostly seen in adults, thyroid diseases affect all people. An affect thyroid heavily affects the way other body systems function. The poor thyroid function in children also known as hyperthyroidism brings with it many rare complications.

Reduced brain function

A poorly functioning thyroid in children lowers their IQ and reduces their brain activity. This works against their mental development and leaves them lagging behind their peers. To prevent brain damage, it is important for the child to take a thyroid replacement hormone.

Poor growth

Owing to the close relation between the thyroid and pituitary glands, hypothyroidism in children can adversely affect the proper working of the pituitary gland. And since the pituitary gland controls the growth and body development, hypothyroidism can make its victim appear younger than their peers by up to two years.

Late teeth loss

While other Children lose their baby teeth, a child affected by hypothyroidism is likely to keep theirs much longer. While it doesn’t overly affect the kid’s dental formulae, the child is likely to feel different from others. When a child loses teeth at for instance age 8, they yield embarrassment.

Short attention span

The inability to concentrate for long enough is another effect identical with children suffering from sick thyroid glands. This condition can easily be mistaken for another condition known as ADHD standing for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder and lead to wrong prescriptions. Attention span basically is the longest time someone can take while listening to say a lecture or sermon without allowing their mind to drift away to other concerns. A hypothyroidism patient giving way to this symptom wanders off too soon.


Hyperactivity manifests itself in disorders such as vitamin deficiency, anxiety and diabetes.

This reaction is the type that can also be easily be mistaken for ADHD. The thyroid has many diseases. If a child gives in to hyperactivity accompanied by other challenges and signs identical with thyroid gland diseases, it may be initial evidence that the kid may be a victim of hypothyroidism.

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